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A little more about me

Since I was little, I have hoped to make everyone's lives a little easier. I would help organize piles and piles of clothes that have been rummaged through at retail stores to give store managers an easier day at work, I would type up emails for my parents so they didn't have to for double the time, and I would actively give people directions so they didn't have to wander around aimlessly (at a time where Google Maps didn't exist!). Unknowingly, I was removing extra steps in an employee's work, reducing completion time in my parent's task, and offering guidance to those who need it. I was improving their everyday UX.

Bits and Pieces

When taking a break from trying to solve everyone's problems, this is what I do!

​During my first job, I found this same calling in effect when I improved conversion rates of an e-commerce website I was working on by 2%. I realized the impact interface design had on users; I wasn't just optimizing the performance of my company, I was optimizing the entire experience for our customers. I looked back at the times I felt pestered by my mom's constant questions about what I had thought was an easy and intuitive check out process, and finally understood that her confusion was actually an implication of a poorly designed website. This prompted my interest in human-centered design and desire to build deep empathy with the people I'm designing for.

User Focused

With the emergence of new technologies everyday, my responsibility as a UX designer has become even more apparent. Since new technologies are still gaining traction, users are not yet accustomed to how the technology works or what impacts it may have on their lives. Now that I've become more aware that "there is no such thing as user error", I want to ensure that we move forward with these new technologies in a way that truly serves all users. This is my way of bringing ease into people's lives today.

About Me

My name is Angel Mai and I'm passionate about improving the lives of others through design. I'm constantly learning new things everyday and love meeting people who are motivated and unafraid of sharing their ideas with the world.

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